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“Almost all the dental work that I've had done in my life has been in large cities: San Francisco, Seattle, Sydney, and London. To me, teeth are a priority in life, so I always tried to obtain the very best dentists and dental care that I could. We moved to Paso Robles ten years ago and although I was excited about the prospects of living in a small town, I was concerned about the quality of dentistry in the area. To our delight, we discovered a phenomenal, remarkable dentist. Dr. Springe not only exceeds the caliber of our previous dentists, she exceeds them by light years. Here are all the areas in which Dr. Springe excels.

  1. Warmth and Kindness: Upon first meeting Dr. Springe, we were impressed with her kindness and the warm and loving way that she welcomed us into her practice. This kindness has prevailed through the years, and we are just as warmly greeted each time we come for an appointment, as if we were old friends who hadn't seen each other for a while.
  2. Dr. Springe Cares about Your Teeth: In my family, we have all been deeply impressed with the personal care and attention to detail the Dr. Springe gives to every dental situation. Her concern is palpable; it almost feels like we are each cherished family members and she wants the very best for our teeth.
  3. Follow-Up: Dr. Springe has a remarkable attention to detail and follows up with personal phone calls to check and make sure everything is okay after difficult procedures. She has many clients and such a busy schedule, and the fact that she cares enough to follow through has been astounding to us.
  4. As Pain Free as Possible: We've never had a dentist that paid such attention to monitoring pain levels and doing everything that she can to make sure that you are as comfortable as you can be during your procedure.
  5. Dr. Springe's Dental Skill is Remarkable!: Most important, Dr. Springe's skill as a dentist is truly superb. Not only does she care about the perfect functioning of your teeth, but she also puts extra attention on the way that your teeth look. She won't be satisfied until your teeth are perfect and she takes personal pride in providing the best possible dental care for you and your family.

“My family and I are deeply indebted to Dr. Springe for the depth of her skill, integrity, and warmth.” – Denise Linn

“It is with great pleasure and honor that I can write a testimonial to the wonderful and high-quality dental work which I have experienced over years as a patient of your dental practice. I feel certain that, if not for you, I would still be covering my mouth in an effort to hide my teeth rather than showing of a dazzling smile and feeling confident again. I think it is particularly impressive the way you helped me overcome my deep-rooted fear and mistrust of visiting a dentist, a fear I had since early childhood. You are a gifted, tender, compassionate soul with a true love for your profession. I enjoy coming to your office knowing that I will always receive superb dental care due to your commitment to excellence in all phases of dentistry. Your ‘chair’ is the only one for me, and I can never thank you enough.” – Angela Cain, Atascadero, CA

“Dr. Springe has been my dentist for many, many years. I will go to no one else. She redefines the word ‘care.’ I have had extensive dental work and can attest to her excellent level of patient care, experience, and dedication to her practice. The staff is warm, respectful, highly efficient, and treat you like a member of their family.  If you are hesitant to go to a dentist, Pacific Coast Dentistry is the right place for you. I actually look forward to going in to see them!” – Karen Daniels-Pellett

“I am not a very easily pleased person when it comes to my mouth. I have seen a number of dentists, where quantity trumped quality. Then I met Dr. Springe. She was different. She listened to me, and only recommended what I really needed. Her work exceeded my expectations, her quality was second to none, and her work was thorough and precise. The same can be said about her staff and it shows.  I am pleased and delighted to be a patient of Dr. Keyla Springe.” – Ray Espinal, Paso Robles, CA

“Looking for a good dentist can be difficult, one that is compassionate, trustworthy, and is sensitive to your needs—someone who understands that good dentistry can be painless and makes you feel comfortable and very professional. My wife and I are very fortunate to have her as our dentist. Thanks for the great smile.” – Danny Hull

“Before meeting Dr. Keyla Springe, I had been seeing another local dentist in this area for general dentistry care. I had always had a problem with my front teeth, one was slightly overlapping the other, and the other had worn down giving me a ‘haggard’ look. I had on many occasions talked with my dentist about improving this area of my mouth, but his idea was to have me wear braces for quite some time and pull a number of teeth. Having no orthodontic insurance, it was not possible for me to have this done at that time. I made an appointment with Dr. Springe and she examined me and told me that she could indeed help me without my needing braces. She did a fantastic job of restoring my front teeth. She is truly an artist and is also the most kind and gentle woman I've ever met in her line of work. I told her how I was going to see my son perform at a very important college function and felt awful about how my teeth looked. I always used to smile with my hand over my mouth or my mouth closed. Dr. Springe made it a point to get me in and have this work done before I was to leave. I am forever grateful to her and can now smile pretty and more confidently.” – Sue C. Jasper

“Having a dental appointment with Dr. Springe is like visiting family. Every staff member is so nice, friendly, and personable, with great senses of humor, yet they are all professional with a high degree of integrity. I am a true ‘dental phobe’, but Dr. Springe is so nice, sweet, and caring, my fears evaporate. I have rarely met a dentist with such a beautiful heart. Words can't really express the high degree of care, concern, and comfort shown to me on every visit. I am so grateful and thankful that Dr. Springe is my dentist. I'll be a patient of hers for the rest of my life.” – Anita Kaseroff

“Paso Robles is blessed to have Dr. Keyla Springe, a remarkable dentist, practicing in our community. She is constantly taking continuing education courses and has state-of-the-art equipment. Dr. Springe exemplifies the caring and compassion she expects from all of her staff as she puts the needs of her patients first. I feel confident that my current and future dental care is in the best hands at Pacific Coast Dentistry.” – Donna Pettit

“My first impression of Pacific Coast Dentistry was that they are all very friendly and compassionate. Upon meeting the staff and doctor, I realized that they genuinely care about me and my family's care. I appreciate the special attention from the doctor following my dental care. I have never experienced that anywhere else.” – Cathy Estrada, Shandon

“Dr. Springe and her staff have gone above and beyond in taking care of my dental needs. Dr. Springe takes the time to listen and to explain in detail her findings so that you are comfortable with the outcome. It is rare indeed to find a dentist who will follow up with you to see how you are doing after a procedure. I feel truly blessed to have a dentist and staff who are so dedicated to their patients' needs. Thank you.” – Marguerite Hull, Paso Robles, CA

“Never in my life did I ever look forward to seeing a dentist until I met Dr. Springe. My biggest pet peeve with other dentists was the way I got the finger-pointing if I hadn't taken care of my teeth the way they thought I should have. She knows how to treat patients with respect and treat them like adults. I adore her.” – Ryan Nunez

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